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  • Posted on 18 Sep 2014

The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz was established in 1993. It is one of the largest non-public institutions of higher education in Poland. The university has eleven faculties and provide bachelor, master, postgraduate, PhD studies and courses for various target groups. UHE focus on educational research, innovative teaching and e-learning.

The key fields of study and research there are: educational science, psychology, innovative teaching and learning methods, quality assurance in higher education.

Before the UC-CROWD project started, UHE had implemented project-based method that helps student to work with real-life problems and develop solutions that could potentially be applied in the business world.
Łukasz Zaorski- Sikora, PhD, explains how this method has been put in practice at UHE and how it links with the UC-CROWD project and the Challenge Academy Platform.

What is the project-based method?
The basic goal of the method is to prepare students for innovative approaches to difficult situations and problems, and developing the skills and competencies they need for life. With its application, students are faced with the need to confront theory and practice – projects implemented by them are usually implemented outside the university. In other words, the actions taken by the students are responding to the real social, economic or business needs.

Why cooperation with companies, NGOs and public institutions is important for the university?
Companies, institutions, NGOs are potential recipient of project outcomes developed by our students. Students get a chance to gain real-life experience.

How will the university benefit from the Challenge Academy Platform?
The Challenge Academy Platform can significantly facilitate the contact of students with real-life problems and enable them to learn how to search for solutions to such problems. Ultimately, they will be much better prepared to their future jobs.

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Universities and Companies Crowdsourcing (UC-CROWD) is a European project coordinated by ISCTE-IUL. It aims to strengthen links between companies and Universities, using a crowdsourcing platform.