We announced our Key-Speaker!

  • Posted on 18 May 2015


We announce our Key-Speaker Jan Spruijt for the International Conference “Teaching and Learning Through Cooperation with Business”.

Jan will present an article with subject “Beyond Education”
In the years to come, education will transform drastically. In fact, it is nothing more than plain optimism to assume that education won’t exist anymore in two decades from now. That is, education as we know it. Consequently, educators will need to move beyond the limitations of the current system to reshape a future in which learning and teaching are inextricably linked to industry. This presentation will present a list of common misconceptions among educators, which (irrational) behaviour makes everybody unconsciously hold fast to them and why the future generation is in desperate need for our generation to move beyond them. In other words: how would the world look like if it weren’t for – and how could the world like with many more – teams such as the team behind project UC-Crowd bending the boundaries of education?


Who is Jan Spruijt?


Jan Spruijt, Avans University



Jan is Director of Studies on the programme Advanced Business Creation (BBA) in the Academy for Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Avans University. Furthermore, Jan is founder and director at the Innovative Dutch, developer of online business strategy games in the field of innovation management. His research focuses on Open Innovation, Co-Creation, Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding and the overlapping areas with knowledge sharing and social media. Recent research also focuses on (inter)personal growth for entrepreneurs operating in innovative sectors and working with new business models.